o c t o p u s


yesterday, as I was describing how i felt, an image of an octopus came to mind

this what i said:


i’ve never thought of pulpos before, never given them a second thought.. i was surprised, to be honest

but i entertained the thought.., and i quickly saw a scenario in my mind where i exactly feel just like that, like an octopus when ..
..well I’m not going to describe it now cuz i would just feel out of place, stupid even, to do so now but, enough to say it makes a lot of sense as to how i am, how i carry myself, how certain scenarios occur when i’m around, how i feel certain things to go down, how i set the ambiance, how i see certain things to unfold in my mind..  how i… am

o c t o p u s.. i feel a connection to thee

i was thinking it to be my next tattoo, i felt it strong
i’m scared tho, reasons..

I was reading on Spirit Animals & Totems and i  found these few lines i liked from  that post:


Explore the depths of the ocean floor. Octopus is a great companion in shadow work as it is not afraid to go to the unexplored depths with you, for it lives and breathes naturally here.

When emotions creep up from hidden chambers and wrangle your mind, Octopus asks for you to explore them. Pick them up with your many tentacles and analyze them with reason.

Are the monsters that lie within your depths really as scary as you think? 

The unseen darkness, the sea creature with abnormally long tentacles that stretch out of the sea and into your imagination, tickling your cranium with its ideas – ..

“..Are the monsters that lie within your depths really as scary as you think?”
This reminded me of that image i found a while ago with an amazing quote by Terry Pratchett:

A Witch ought never to be frightened in the Darkest Forest, … she should be sure in her Soul that the most terrifying thing in the Forest, is herself.

I love it.. gives me goosebumps even now. (for many reasons but..)

I feel a strong connection in my Soul with both that Witch quote and the description of Octopus..

you don’t scare me..
you forget I’ve lived inside my mind all my life..
you forget i know darkness, you forget I understand it, I’ve learned from it,  it has killed me many nights.
..you forget i’m made of light to push it away
you forget i love what i believe in,
you forget i die for it
you forget i’m one with it: pitch black, brightest light..
the juxtaposition of my being, the very essence of my heart

..Octopus as my Spirit Animal..

I like it, i.. I welcome it
And I’m thankful for it, for that crystal clear image that popped into my mind in such moment of ..



i’ve been lucky~~

pocas cosas me estremecen tanto como esta performance.. la primera vez que la vi, lloré mucho; me llega mucho su sentimiento.. me transporta a mi sentir..

it breaks my heart how he’s singing, trying to contain his tears the best he can

~~you have angels in your hair

absence has made me, strong(?)


don’t i know it? nobody has to say
i’ve been lucky. 
guess i was born that way

all the things that you’ve seen
all the things that could have been..
well I’ve been everything I want to be..
so no tears, no tears for me

yeah, i’ve bathed in sunshine 
but cherished the fading light
and i’ve heard my heartbeat falter 
on a winter’s night

i loved a woman 
but she didn’t hear my prayers
so Lord, oh Lord, I’m yours..

the little things

aren’t little
in fact they’re the only ones that actually matter
but i guess for the common folk, they are little
simple.. dumb even, inexistant, common, boring, whatevers..

i say their loss

give the little things to me..
give me a  little sunshine on a cloudy day
give me warm rainy mornings
give me cloudy cold days
give me a cracked window letting in the cold on a night next to you

give me the first breeze of the morning
give me the cricket’s song at night (but please get them out of the house if they manage to make their way in!!) hahah
give me your arms on a sunset
let’s get cozy under a blanket and watch time go by..

give me the smell of freshly cut grass

give me walks on the beach, walking barefoot on the sand, feeling the ocean wash the sand under our feet
..give me  your hand

give me endless nights telling each other stories
give me your sleepy eyes.. i have a feeling i love  your sleepy eyes..
give me your fears, for i will help you carry them
give me  your tears,  let me try to kiss them away..

give me songs you feel in your heart
sing them to me each morning and night
let’s have dates of just listening to music, tell  me why you love that song, i’ll tell you what line to close your eyes to when mine’s playing too..

dame tu primer mirada cada maniana..

the little things aren’t little..

dame una carretera llena de arboles a los lados
dame paisajes inolvidables a tu lado

dame rios y arroyos
dame piedritas que te encuentres en el camino

dame noches llenas de estrellas
dame noches lluviosas con relampagos y truenos..
..pero tambien dame tu abrazo, pues me dan un poco de miedo y contigo me siento segura

the little  things aren’t little..

dame olor a tierra mojada..
dame lucesitas
dame pinecones!
dame tus besos..
dame tu amor..

give me your heartbeat
..you already have mine & soul

me gustaria  mucho ir de roadtrip contigo,
me gustaria vivir mi vida contigo
bueno, de hecho me gustaria todo contigo

the little things aren’t little




random nothings*

me gustaria saber/poder dibujar/hacer ilustraciones para poder asi expresar cosas que no quiero necesariamente expresar con palabras

siento que hablo mucho y, no siempre eso es bueno
i mean, si es bueno, de hecho cuanto mas claro todo mejor jaja
a veces una imagen diria mas cosas, u know?

mmmmmh diferente manera de expresar..

no se

me gustaria saberlo hacer

bueno, si me voy a mis”gustarian”, me gustaria mejor otras cosas

but let’s not go there 😛