i do


i love how my nails fit my fingers



it’s just so hard

i found this illustration online and i cried, i felt relieved to see how somebody else got to express just-how-hard it is inside my/our head all the time..

It’s not easy -nearly impossible- to be able to talk about this to someone other than myself..

Seems like people just dont get it.

Im glad this artists does.. and im sad for him/her too

Ive been there.. not sure if i ever leave this place, and it’s horrible.. loneliness, and not the good kind of lonely..

Im rambling now again.. just

Just take a look..

this is how it feels..


Illustrator Sow Ay Explain What #Depression And #Anxiety Feels Like Through These Comics. #9gag.

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.
~Henry David Thoreau


radio silence

..que increíblemente vacía se puede a llegar sentir una persona.

Ese anhelo tan grande de alcanzar lo que todo mundo parece tener de sobra, y que a unos cuantos nos parece haber sido negado desde el comienzo.

Que crueldad de vida puede llegar a ser ésta.