i have so much to tell you, where are you?

pasan cosas, muchas cosas de todos los temas
justo hoy me entere de algo en mi empleo que.. bueno, estuve a punto de llorar
senti tan feo

en  fin

i need to leave

no se si el mundo, el empleo, la ciudad, yo, o todo

but i need to  leave something

i have so much to tell you
where are you?



i am strong so so strong but every now n then i break down n i just wanna cry as i take a look at myself and see the immensity of nothing im surrounded by

an asphyxiating loneliness

no one really gives a fuck

i need to realize that

then it gets better then i stop thinking then i focus on something else and numb the feeling. but it creeps back in again itll eventually creep in it always does. cuz i cant stop reality


i find myself being

and i find myself not wanting to write about it

not wanting to write clear about it

why, perhaps because if i dont do it it’s not real

and the moment I acknowledge it it becomes reals and haunts me..


i find myself feeling it

but i dont want to feel it

..im afraid

..i .. i.. 😦

I’ll summarize by saying i am, i am afraid.