i am me


this is me.
here I write it all…. what I experience, what I live, what I wish I could experience, the happy, the sad, the memories, the pain.. it all. The Real and Fictional sides of my world collide in here, some of these happened, some never will.

whether I voice it out or not, i’ll always write about it. (either here, in paper or in my mind.. it’s all in words somewhere. trust me on that one)

so venturing myself out there and writing with the complexity of my imagination and the see-trough-ness of my line, i’ll proceed to leave my soul here. for him, for it, for you, for no one, for me.

always for me.



“nobody can save you but yourself. And you’re worth saving. It’s a war not easily won but if anything is worth winning then this is it.”
― Charles Bukowski
~~Just wanna dance with you all night
when everyone has their disguise
i’ll show you my heart is real,
i’ll show you how this could feel~~


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