I -want- nothing, nothing.. Nothing!

..as she famously sang

so i then go where I can’t get hurt..

Where i won’t get hurt

where no matter what i do or say, im doing nothing and saying nothing. Because I’m feeling nothing.

so i go where I won’t get hurt

because Im not really there

it’s just a moment in time

a nothing in time

a pause

a break

a breather

a nothing

a nothing

i go where ill never be

It’s empty, cold and lonely

it’s a nothing

and im nowhere







just like that vase
on top of the shelf yes,
..but back in the shelf nonetheless

just like that beautiful blue crystal vase

put back in again
just like that
no second thoughts
no hesitation
like something out of routine even
cleaning here and there
rearranging life
an inconvenience if  you will
a nice one indeed
but an inconvenience still
just put it there
it’s fine
carry on about your life
leave it there to collect dust.

just like that vase,
that crystal.. blue vase.


i just feel  i could be friends with Nate Ruess

we have so many feelings inside, so many views we share, so much_____, i’d love to talk like that with someone, ______,  not to dwell  in each-other’s sadness, but to experience the beautiful-ness of having someone who gets you, who sees you, who, knows, understands and, gets just how much, and why one loves as much as one does.

a handful of souls do.

i wont say what i want to say.

that’s all.



yes, please..

Teach me everything i want to know.

I’ll touch you with sounds I’ll whisper in your ear, and words I’ll moan against your neck..

I’ll paint pictures in your mind we’ll bring to life time and again each night.. each morning.. every day, can’t wait to have you inside all day..

Trembling, shivering, hot and wet all over





The anxious whispers of my body wanting yours to come in closer.. closer.. deeper.. harder.. yes, please..

My sensual lips whispering a spell all over you, for you.. kiss me, touch me, taste me, feel me.. and i bite you as you do, i kiss you hard and soft, sensual loving all day long, passionate loving overflow.. yes, please..